A Guide to Brewing with an Espresso Machine

Posted on November 10 2021, By: Fraser Monfries

A Guide to Brewing with an Espresso Machine

There’s no other brew method made nationwide as frequently as Espresso. You’ll find the golden syrupy goodness pouring from just about every cafe in the city. And it’s definitely possible to match the quality of Espresso you experience in cafes from commercial equipment with the ‘spros you can make at home! 

Follow our espresso brew guide and you’ll consistently be pulling great tasting shots in no time! 

You will need:

  • Scales
  • Espresso Machine
  • Tamp

Our Coffee Recommendation:

Dose/Yield Ratio: 1:1.6

Shot Duration: 26-29 seconds



  1. Weigh coffee dose
  2. Grind coffee on setting to achieve desired shot duration 
  3. Ensure basket is clean and dry 
  4. Distribute coffee within basket by knocking it, levelling it with your finger or with a distribution tool
  5. Tamp the coffee with level pressure to create the flattest surface possible, from this point be sure to avoid knocking or banging the portafilter. This can creature cracks or fissures in the coffee puck and can lead to channeling or uneven extraction 
  6. Purge the grouphead by running water through it without a portafilter inserted
  7. Wipe drip tray and place scales under cup/s
  8. Insert and lock the portafilter in place, begin extraction
  9. End extraction when desired yield is reached