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Fortnightly delivery to your door, with a bonus discount!
A simple subscription that will send fresh roasts straight to your door. Just tell us how much you need, if you want the beans whole or ground for your brew method; and we’ll do the rest! 

Grind Option  | Whole Beans

Size  | 250g

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    ORIGINS: Brazil | Colombia | Nicaragua

    TASTES LIKE: Chocolate, Cinnamon and Butter.

    Curated for the modern espresso drinker in mind, Bounce layers the strength of a traditional espresso roast with punchy contemporary flavours. Using air-roasting technology, we’re able to exacerbate the buttery levels our Brazilian brings to the table to find symbiosis with the chocolatey profile of our Colombian and the earthy tones in our Nicaraguan. 

    Created for the everyday espresso drinker, Bounce has a large body making it ideal for milk-based beverages or perfect for an espresso shot without any unpleasant bitterness. With hearty origins, Bounce is a people-pleasing staple roast.

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After our beans are roasted, they are left to rest to allow flavour clarity. The freshness of beans can impact the extraction and taste of your coffee and is important to understand to get the most out of your brew. We call it our ‘prime drinking window’ and this is often around 7 days after the beans have rested.

We only provide you with beans that are within their ‘prime drinking window’ and this sits within the fortnightly frequency. Depending on how much coffee you drink, we have our recommendations on how much coffee to order below.

250g - Enough for one cup per day for a single person

500g - Just enough for two people to have one cup a day each

1kg - Sufficient for a small household having a few cups a day between them! 

We are always happy for you to let us know if you need it ground for a particular brew method that isn’t listed. If you send us a message in the comment drop box when you place your order, we will make sure we grind it correctly.

Coffee can be finicky stuff. Having a deeper understanding of how to get the most out of your brew method can ultimately enhance your coffee experience and get the most out of your cup. We have put together some Brew Guides for various brew methods stepping out how to brew a brilliant coffee every time.

Currently, we have no minimum order required on our subscriptions. This means you get the option of tapping out if you gave it a go and it didn’t work for you. 

If you’re interested in a similar subscription for your workplace, we would love to chat about how we can make that happen. Head on over to our wholesale page and fill out a contact form and we will be in touch to get you started.

Yes! Make sure you're on top of collecting it as soon as it lands so you can brew within the ‘prime drinking window’.

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Feel free to fill out our contact form or swing us an email. We are always happy to help in any way we can to get your brewing better.