A Guide to Brewing Filter With a V60 Cone

Posted on January 19 2022, By: Fraser Monfries

A Guide to Brewing Filter With a V60 Cone

The simple but impactful V60 is an essential piece of brew equipment for all coffee enthusiasts. A manual brew method that requires technique and know-how to get the most out of, and with our brew guide you’ll be pouring clear and crisp tasting V60’s with ease! 

Because even the most subtle change to technique or process changes the flavours in the final cup, we recommend tinkering with your method! What tastes great to us mightn’t to someone else (crazy, right?), so a slight tweak in your method can swing the flavour notes in the final cup more towards what your preferences are! 

You will need:

  • V60 Cone
  • Kettle
  • Filter Paper
  • Scales / Timer

Our Coffee Recommendation:


1 Cup - 15g

2 Cup - 30g

Total Brew Weight:

1 Cup - 250g

2 Cup - 500g

Water Temp - 94 Degrees 


  1. Rinse paper filter with water just off the boil
  2. Add coffee grinds to V60
  3. Create well in the middle of coffee bed
  4. Pour water to bloom (1 Cup - 30g, 2 Cup - 60g), swirl V60 vigorously to evenly wet coffee
  5. Allow to bloom for 30-45 seconds
  6. Over 30 seconds, pour water evenly to reach 60% of brew weight (1 Cup - 150g, 2 Cup 300g) 
  7. Over 30 seconds, pour water evenly to reach 100% of brew weight (1 Cup - 250g, 2 Cup 500g)
  8. Allow V60 to drain slightly, gently swirl V60 once in each direction to level coffee bed
  9. Allow brew to draw down into carafe

Target Time: 3:30-3:45