A Guide to Brewing Stovetop

Posted on January 05 2022, By: Fraser Monfries

A Guide to Brewing Stovetop

The old reliable Stovetop is arguably the only brew method with a cult like following, and with good reason! This is a simple way to make coffee with consistent results, and with our stovetop brew guide handy, it’ll be even easier to get tasty cups every time! 

Here is our simple Stovetop coffee brew guide. 

You will need:

  • Stovetop Coffee Maker
  • Filter Basket & screen
  • Kettle

Our Coffee Recommendation:

  1. Boil kettle 
  2. Pour boiling water into bottom chamber to just below the valve
  3. Insert filter basket into the bottom chamber
  4. Fill filter basket with ground coffee, levelling it off with your finger but not tamping or compressing the coffee bed
  5. Assemble your unit ensuring tight seals and place on top of a moderate heat source
  6. Allow to brew until top chamber is filled to desired level and flow of coffee has slowed
  7. Remove Stovetop unit from heat source and serve