A Guide to Brewing with a Moccamaster

Posted on December 01 2021, By: Fraser Monfries

A Guide to Brewing with a Moccamaster

If filter style coffee is your thing then you should seriously consider an investment in the world famous Moccamaster! An automated brewer capable of brewing filter coffee by the cup, or up to two litre batches depending on the model, The coffee style typically used for ‘batch brew’ is lighter in development to maximise complexity and sweetness in the cup, and allow more subtle flavours to be brought forward. 

To brew larger quantities of filter coffee to serve multiple people, or a single batch brew enthusiast such as ourselves, there’s no equipment better suited than the Moccamaster. 

Here’s our brew guide that can be applied to all Moccamaster models! 

You will need:

  • Moccamaster
  • Filter Paper
  • Spoon

Our Coffee Recommendation:

  1. Fill reservoir with water 
  2. Place paper filter in basket and place in position, place carafe under basket in position
  3. Turn Moccamaster on and allow water to run through completely
  4. Empty carafe of water and place back in position
  5. Refill reservoir with water
  6. Place coffee in the now wet paper filter, we recommend a 1:16 coffee to water ratio
  7. Close basket valve and turn Moccamaster on
  8. Allow enough water to flow to saturate coffee bed, turn Moccamaster off
  9. Stir with spoon and agitate basket to ensure all grinds are saturated, let boom for 45 seconds
  10. Turn Moccamaster back on, open basket valve once water begins to flow 
  11. Once reservoir is empty, swirl basket gently to level coffee bed